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From the Head of College I t is difficult to believe that we are now in the examination period for Semester 2, 2016. T his year has been an exceptionally busy year for both staff and students. Everyone had to contend with our construction having run late, but this was done in a wonderfully patient and collaborative manner. The true spirit of the College came out on a number of occasions when things did not go as we had anticipated and everyone pitched in to ensure the best possible outcome. It is at times like this we see very clearly that St Thomas More College is a home away from home where the students have a genuine concern for the welfare of those that they live with. O n Wednesday, 2 November 2016, the College celebrated its inaugural Valedictory Dinner under a massive marquee in the area affectionately known as the “front quad”. There were speeches that brought many to tears and antics under the spell of our comedic hypnotist that incited uncontrollable laughter. It was a fitting evening

to farewell those departing the College at the end of the academic year. Of course, whilst we farewell our departing studentswe alsowelcome them into the ranks of the College Alumni and we look forward to seeing them on numerous occasions back here at the College in the years to come. A t Tommy More students don’t just rent a room, as there is much more to this community than simply the provision of accommodation. Students at the college live and breathe community. In a year that has been one of the more challenging over our 62 year history, the rewards for persistence have been enormous. We wish our departing students God’s blessing in all of their endeavours, be they in their careers or personal lives. For those returning our hope is that they have had a rejuvenating break and that they return with the renewed energy and enthusiasm to forge lifelong friendships and maximise their opportunities as they tackle the next stage of their studies.

T om Mitchell


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