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From the Head of College

F eatured above is a photograph depicting the pouring of the level one slab of the building currently being constructed at the front of the College. The ground floor is dedicated to reception and administration and the staff look longingly at this area as it is being constructed. Juxtaposed against this new administration area is the transportable at the back of the College that currently is our reception and administration. I have stated on many occasions throughout the year, and will continue to do so, that the College is incredibly blessed to have a staff that is so committed to the welfare of the students and energised by the

work that they do. 2 014 has been an incredible year. Almost sailing under the radar is the fact that we are completing our 60th year as a College, having taken in the Foundation Students at the start of 1955! The official opening of the College did not take place until 1958. It was never going to be feasible to have a major celebration this year amongst the rubble and dust but rest assured this milestone will not go past unmarked. T here have been a number of initiatives this year of which the College is very proud. In particular we have refocused our efforts on our outreach program. The students

are encouraged to be a part of this program for a number of reasons: firstly, our basic humanity compels us to be compassionate (to suffer with) our brothers and sisters who find themselves in difficult circumstances and are in need of assistance. Secondly, Christ was unambiguous in His desire for us to take care of those on the margins. Not only was his example stunningly clear but he also stated: “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40). Finally, we live in a world where employers now measure themselves not only by their financial profit, but by the ways

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